To ensure your projects perform to their fullest potential, we oversee all the technical aspects of your fountain design and construction.

The shape and style of fountains and water games evolve rapidly and require a specific technical schema for each installation. As specialists in fountain hydraulics, we oversee every project from it’s conception to its final installation. We do all hydraulic calculations, the technical schemas, and oversee the construction phase of the project. In terms of public contracts, we also provide all administrative and technical documents that required to complete the project.

When designing a fountain or water sculpture, certain technical aspects need to be considered:

  • lighting, in order to create an ambiance at night
  • automationto simply upkeep and maintenance 
  • the physico-chemical treatment, to ensure the proper sanitation and appearance of the water
  •  programming, to create water and light choreographies
  • special effects, such as adjustable nozzles, jumping jets, misting …

Fountain technologies demand diverse expertise and constant research into the latest material and technologies available. There is no standard fountain installation: everything depends on the context. Before the creation of any technical plan, the following elements must be addressed:

  • the level and means of maintenance available as the autonomy of the fountain must be aligned with the availability of maintenance services …
  • the physical space: the proximity of trees, the nature of the soil, the presence of sand…
  • the physico-chemical characteristics of the water
  • the local climate: exposure to wind, sun, frost, snow
  • the possible uses of the fountain by passers-by (will the fountain be used in a regular and predictable fashion or only in unexpected circumstances

It is thus necessary to coordinate the placement and technical strategy with maintenance services. Depending on the qualifications of these services, different automatic or manual maintenance features can be put in place in order to ensure the installation is entirely adapted to the location and provides the fullest possible satisfaction.




– Fountain for the Parc Urbain des Salles, Istres
– Feasibility study for a fountain at the rond point du Prado, Marseille
– Canal and fountain for the Luminy campus of Aix-Marseille Université
– Apt waterfront park: water games


– Fountain for the front court of the Cité Administrative, Istres
– Fountain for the place de la Mairie Troyes (with Ateliers Corajoud)
– Fountain for the rond-point de la Saussaie, Saint Fargeau-Ponthierry (project on hold)


– Water games at the parc des Estourants, Le Thor (with Terre en Vue, landscape artists)
– Feasibility study for a dry fountain, Villefranche de Rouergue (call for offers)
– Water games on the quai de Dampierre, Troyes (with TN+ Paysagiste Associés)


– Dry fountain for Parc Haussmann, Draguignan
– Water choreography for the Argilla festival, Aubagne
– Fountains for city hall exterior, Varennes sur Seine (with Architecte RHM)
– Dynamic fountains, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Lorient  (call for offers)


– Fountain for the Cours de la République, Gardanne (with Philipe Ghezzi, architect)
– Fountain for the front court of the Cité Administrative, Istres (with Eric Giroud, landscape artist)
– Fountain for the Rotonde de l’Hôtel de Ville, Martigues  (project on hold)
– Analysis and technical recommendations for the Fontaine de Varsovie in Paris (also known as the Fontaine du Trocadéro)


– Fountains for the Jardin des Traces in Uckange (Lorraine)
– Pointe San Christ Martigues: Call for architectural designs
– Fountains at the Place du 14 Juillet in Béziers (with AR-THEME architects & Atelier F Tribel landscape artists)


– Extension of the departmental park Las at Toulon. Improvements to the landscape, fountains, and water games (with Eric Giroud, landscape artist)
– Diagnostics for the fountain at Place Massena in Nice. Sketches and planning for fountain, water games, and misting


– Feasibility studies for fountain works at Place Foch, Rodez
– Hydraulics studies for the patio fountain at the Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée in the Parc Scientifique of Luminy, Marseille for Jean Lepestre-Plasticien


– Design of landscaped roundabouts, Manosque (with Marc Richier, landscape artist & Daniel Deluy, architect)
– Creation of the Marelle d’Eau for the Festival international des jardins de Chaumont sur Loire  (with Christian Qui, landscape architect)
– Cal for offers for the train warehouses in Arles (with Philippe Ghezzi, architect)
– Fountains at the Place du Chapitre in Nîmes with Philippe Ghezzi & Dominique Pierre-architects)


– Creation of an interactive table water game,  Aubagne, Aubagne’s 1000 year celebration
– Creation of water games for the daycare centre in Fuveau


– Call for offers for architecture of Place Vincetti (Bastia)
– Creation of water games for the daycare centre Farfadets (Sénas)
– Feasibility study and hydraulic plans for fountains, Toulon


– Blue print for the set design of the exhibition «Habiter la Terre en Poète » at the Conseil Régional PACA with Raphaël Caillens, the landscape artist for the ENSP (Ecole Nationale Supérieur du Paysage) (2000m2 exhibition)
– Creation of a chaotic clepsydra for the Arborescence festival (Ecole Supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence)


– Creation of a fountain for Haven Europe (Agdes)
– Call for offers for a fountain at Place Thessalie (Complexe d’Antigone created by Ricardo Bofill)

REFERENCES PRIOR TO THE  CREATION OF THE ATELIER ART ET EAU (Activities under the supervision of Catherine Cane during her time with Société Bornhauser Molinary)


Ville d’Avon, fountains at the Centre Saint-Barthélémy-de-Laffemas CCI de Melun (architect: Claude Paupe)
Ville d’Avon, fountain at Rond-point des Basses Loges
Ville de Boulogne, fountains
Ville de Clichy, Fontaine du Mail
Ville de Deauville, Fontaines du CID (architect: Patrick Le Goslès)
Ville d’Hagondange, Dynamic pond at the Parc des Schtroumfs
Ville de Hyères, Fontaine de la Place de la Gare
Ville de Nanterre, Column fountain at the Agence de Bassin Seine-Normandie
Ville de Marne-la-vallée, fountain/ice rink at the Hôtel New-York at Eurodisney
Ville de Montpellier, fountain at the Place de Tibériade
Ville de Nemours, fountain at the Place Entrée de ville
Ville de Nemours, fountain at the Place de la République
Ville de Saint-Ouen, fountain at the Place Montmartre
Ville de Paris, Fontaine Sigma, the anti-gravitational fountain at the Cité des sciences de la Villette (artist: M. Maridakis)
Ville de Paris, Champs de la sculpture Tangente fluide (artist: Manolis Maridakis)
Ville de Paris, fountain at the Place Bazeilles
Ville de Paris, fountain at the Monument dédié aux victimes du terrorisme (artist: Nicolas Alquin)
Ville de Paris, Water effects at La Défense (artist: Yaacov Agam)
Ville de Poitiers, ‘climatising’ fountain at Futuroscope
Ville de Riom, fountain at the Parc des sports de Cerey
Ville de Rouen, fountain at the Place Joffre
Ville de Rouen, fountain at the Tissot metro station


Ville d’Aurillac, fountain at the Place de l’Hôtel de ville
Ville de Brest, fountain at the Place de la Liberté
Ville de Cachan, fountain at the Place Ovale
Ville de Dammarie-les-Lys, fountain at the Archives départementales
Ville de Gennevilliers, implementation of water for Guy de Rougemont’s sculptures
Ville de Joigny, fountain at the Place Saint-Jean
Ville de Melun, fountain at Rue René Pouteau
Ville de Melun, fountain at the Place Jacques Amyot
Ville de Nîmes, fountain at the Parvis Sud de la Gare
Ville de Nîmes, fountain at the Place de l’Horloge
Ville de Paris, fountain at the Place Bazeilles
Ville de Paris, Water basins at the Centre national et de culture Georges Pompidou
Ville de Paris, fountains and water basins at Parc de Bercy
Ville de Paris, fountains and water basins at Parc André Citroën
Ville de Paris, fountains at the Place Stalingrad
Ville de Paris, fountains at the ZAC de Saussure
Ville de Paris, fountains at the Place de la Catalogne
Ville de Paris, fountains at the Place Jussieu (artist: Guy Lartigues)
Ville de Tours, fountain at the Place du Général Leclerc
Ville de Toulouse, recreational fountains at Aqualand
Ville de Villepinte, water basin and effects at the ZAC Paris Nord II


Ville de Crouy-sur-Ourq, renovation of the Napoleon-era fountain
Ville de Paris, restoration of the fountain at Cité Trévise
Ville de Paris, restoration and lighting of the fountain at Place des Vosges
Ville de Paris, restoration and lighting of the fountain at Place de la Concorde
Ville de Paris, restoration and lighting of the fountain at Saint-Michel
Ville de Paris, restoration and lighting of the fountain at Square Sainte-Odile
Ville de Paris, restoration of water effects at the Bassin des Invalides
Ville de Tours, , restoration of the fountain at Place Jean Jaurès


Coordination and supervision of the maintenance of more than 300 fountains in Paris and its surroundings between 1986 and 2003