Sculpture pour le canal de l'université de Luminy

Luminy campus

Before becoming the site of a university campus, Luminy was an agricultural zone where wheat, oats, grapes were cultivated and where numerous orchards featured olive tree, almond trees, fig trees, and cherry trees. This agriculture was possible thanks to the rich earth and the natural springs that provided water. When the campus was built in the 1960s, these springs were covered over, but the water continued to run beneath the buildings. One of the construction challenges was to create channels to collect the water and stock it so it could be use to irrigate the university’s green spaces.

The university commissioned this installation in order to shed a spotlight on these spring. The idea behind the project was to accentuate the lines of the canal against the backdrop of Mont Puget while paying tribute to the origins of the water. The sculpture evokes the underground movement of the water through the strata of limestone and the phenomenon of resurgence. The spouts that run across the face of the sculpture call to mind the light of the mashrabiya, the lattice Arabic windows, and bestow the installation with a sense of semi-transparence. The structure allow for symmetrical surges of water so that it flows in equal measure on both sides of the wall and ensures the water will be visible to passersby coming from both directions.

Resurgence Luminy fontaine inox beton pierre luu campus Resurgence sculpture fountain university marseille LUU Resurgence sculpture fountain university marseille LUU water art Resurgence Luminy fontaine inox beton pierre luu    Resurgence Luminy fontaine inox beton pierre luu art 1 pour cent artistique Resurgence Luminy fontaine inox beton pierre luu art

Design: Pierre Luu 

Construction : Florent Metayer, Frederic Weiss, Pierre Luu – 2015