Artistic wind installation


This installation at the Jardin des Traces in the city of Uckange in north-east France is comprised of three sculptures that are put into motion by the wind. The first, ‘Where Are We Going?’ is a moving weather vane with nothing to orient the direction.  The second, ‘In How Much Time?’ uses clockwork elements: a wind mill launches a mechanism that moves a needle and a pendulum, evoking the passage of time. The third, ‘At What Speed?’ is made using a Darrieus-style wind turbine with horizontal rotation.

First installed along the pathway of the sculpture garden, which featured an abandoned metalworks factory on horizon, the sculptures poses questions about the future of society. Where are we going? What are we trying to build? How quickly will society be transformed? So many questions are associated with this enormous neglected furnace which bears witness to the vital role the steel industry once played in this area of Lorraine.

Uckange air sculpture et mobiles uckange air uckange air 045b  uckange air sculpture eoilenne horloge

Concept: Pierre Luu
Construction: Florent Métayer-Pierre Luu