Interactive water game table


Table eau argilla aubagne

This fountain table is comprised of 22 handprints in diverse sizes that are interconnected with water piping. There are small water spouts emerging from each handprint and each spout is connected to 3, 4, or 5 other spouts. By placing your hand on one of the table’s handprints, you block the water spout and thus increase the water pressure and the height of the other inter-connected spouts. By blocking multiple spouts on the same network, the water jet can rise from 8cm to 60cm. This table invites users to find the links between the various handprints.

The central basin that separates the two sets of handprints represents the distance between people and the space between strangers. This installation is thus a symbol of the interdependance of people that lies beyond the separation, a reminder of the interaction involved in society and the various unseen links that  connect people. The table inspires people to spontaneously play with one another and fosters exchanges between strangers. In this way, the symbolism of the water sculpture is extended to the people who get to know each other while interacting with it.

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Concept-Construction:  Pierre Luu