Global warming water sculpture


poele a bois

This installation consists of an antique wooden store that has been adapted with misting nozzles and is intended for display in public areas during summer festivals. This object is completely unexpected in a modern urban setting, especially during the heat of summer. Even more surprising, it comes to life when passersby approach. The installation is equipped with motion sensors that activate the misting system. The gently misting air is refreshing and invites onlookers to draw closer and examine the installation more closely … They will notice that a blue planet can be seen through the stove’s glass, inspiring thoughts of the greenhouse effect and the paradox of air-conditioning: in an attempt to cool off from the heat, people contribute to global warming.

poele a bois Scenographie eau et brumisation poele a bois Scenographie rechauffement climatique poele a bois scenography artistic mist system poele a bois brumisation scenographie evenementiel

Ccnception/réalisation : Pierre LUU