Human-powered water machines in an eco-garden



The public garden in La Roque d’Anthéron has a double purpose: it serves as educational centre to teach organic agriculture and offers small tracts of land to families for their own vegetables. Located in the middle of the countryside, this space is not connected to either the electricity grid or the water system. The only water available comes from a canal that runs alongside the garden, but it is at ground level meaning natural pressure can’t be used to irrigate all the tracts of the land.

The six norias provide solution to this problem.* They use natural and human-powered methods to raise the water into cisterns that then use pressure to distribute the water throughout the garden. These sculptures are inspired by the diverse methods of raising water around the world and throughout history. To reflect the ecological spirit of the site, the materials for the sculptures were recovered from local dumpsites and given a second life.

machine hydraulique tread pump machine hydraulique artistique jardin de la roque d'antheron sculpture machine hydraulique

Landscape and sculpture design: Pierre Luu; Construction of sculptures: Florent Métayer and Pierre Luu


*Noria = a device for raising water from a stream or river, consisting of a chain of pots or buckets revolving around a wheel driven by the water current.