Installation on the theme of global warming


A metaphor for an explosive situation, this installation comes to life when passersby come near. It consists of five pressure cookers of increasingly smaller sizes placed on an undulating vertical ladder that gets thinner as it rises, as if it slowly disappears as it ascends. The valves of the pressure cookers have been replaced with misting nozzles. The result is a choreography in multiple movements:

– the first pressure cooker at the bottom of the ladder begins to mist as soon as a motion detector is triggered by nearby movement;

– the sound of the pressure cooker’s steam whistle slowly grows in volume and then the next pressure cooker up the ladder begins to mist;

– after all the pressure cookers have been launched into misting, the final cooker erupts into a sonic ‘explosion’ and there is a geyser of water that sprays people in the installation’s area with fine drops for several seconds.

La pression monte La pression monte autocuiseurs La pression monte scénographie La pression monte brumisateur La pression monte sculpture


– Misting: Nozzle with built-in filter with a pressure capacité of 4 bars and a network of welded copper
– Flow Rate: 4 litres per hour for each nozzle
– Ladder : Glued slats with stratified resin
– Pressure Cooker: classic French brand Seb made in aluminium

Concept and construction: Pierre Luu