Sculptures inspired by the four elements

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LThe Jardin des Traces is a landscape project located in front of the old blast furnace outside of the city of Uckange in north-eastern France. This site is dedicated to the workers in the steel industry, an homage to the industry that shaped this valley for more than a century. The garden was designed around the four elements that defined the Ancient Greek notion of matter: earth, water, air, and fire. These elements are essential to metalworks : the earth provides the raw materials, the fire extracts the iron, the air nourishes the flames, and the water purifies the metal. The sculpture path runs the garden and allows people to discover four installations based on the four themes of the site. These sculptures were created to evoke the history of the site and evoke questions about both the future of industry and our society as a whole.

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Garden design : Pascal Riff,  landscape artist
Path and sculpture design: Pierre Luu

The official site for the Jardin des Traces can be visited here.