Natural gravity flow garden - water animations without pumps


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The Jardin du Las features unique, gravity fed water systems that create a technically and aesthetically beautiful space. The garden was awarded the prestigious “Jardin remarquable” (Remarkable Garden) label by the French government in 2014.

After the northern section of the park was acquired by the Conseil Général du Var, an extension was commissioned that would open onto the source of the Baume river. The aqueduct now channels the water into the park and gives it a new dimension.

The hydraulic infrastructure for the park is powered by gravity, rendering pumps unnecessary. At the outlet of the aqueduct, a catch bassin feeds an underground canal that in turn feeds a line of water that crosses the park. The catch basin overflows in a rectangular pool that surrounds it. As the water descends along the line of the park, it fills small square basins before arriving at the major water play area. This space is designed so that people can sit around it and watch the water games. The water then continues on until it rejoins the river lower down in the park.

jardin du las fontaine canal scenographie jeux d'eau paysage jardin source jardin du las fontaine canal scenographie jeux d'eau paysage jardin 3 Jardin du las fontainerie canal paysager Jardin du las

Client: Conseil Général du Var
Creation: Eric Giroud (general landscaping) and Pierre Luu (design and water)
Technical dossier: Catherine Cane and Pierre Luu
Construction: 2007-2008