Fountain for architectural design


This fountain project was part of an architectural project that responded to a call for offers for the renovation of the place Thessalie in the Antigone neighborhood of Montpellier. The place Thessalie is home to an architectural complex designed by Ricardo Bofill.

Considering the imposing architecture of the site, we chose a cleansing concept that didn’t disrupt the visual flow of the central axis that crosses Antigone and maintained the expansive quality of the place. Pedestrians crossing the place would have the sensation of walking on water. To achieve this, the surface of the water is at the same level as the place Thessalie and the wooden walkway is just slightly above the level of the water. 

The unique aspect of this fountain is found in its interactive system: rather than merely watching a choreography of pre-programmed water jets, passersby become actors in the display and actually modify the choreography through their movements. This is the result of motion detectors that are placed on either side of the walkway and are linked to the water jets. Passersby are thus accompanied by jets of water as they cross the place, creating a water display that announces their presence.

LIGHTING: the lateral lighting under the walkway creates a flow that puts the passage into relief and creates the sensation of floating above the water. At the level of the water falls, lights hidden beneath the cascade project images of the water against the inclined walls of the fountain, using them as screens.

place tessalie montpellier fontaine concours architecture plan place tessalie montpellier fontaine concours place tessalie montpellier fontaine concours architecture Luu

Project concept: Christophe Fayel, Architect & Pierre Luu