Climate change sculpture


Emerging from a cloud as if some never before seen planet, this metallic sphere appears weightless. When curious passersby approach, they discover an even more unusual object. The sphere is comprised of pressure cookers whose steam valves have been replaced with misting nozzles. The air is filled with fine droplets that envelop the passersby, refreshing them and making them appear as if they are in a dream. The foundation of the sculpture that holds its weight disappears in the mist, making it seem like the entire sculpture is floating in the air.


This installation is both captivating and playful while inspiring serious questions from observers because of the parados of pressure cookers bringing refreshment. What does this enigmatic sphere evoke? A planet? Our own? A reflection of the atmosphere? Or a world that is under pressure? So many of the questions that are central to this age and the serious debate surrounding the climate and the environment. This is affect is enhanced at night when the sphere seems to be animated by an internal life. It is lit with waves of light that pulsate like a living organism, gradually transforming from white to the blue of our planet.

en attendant 2050 sculpture rechauffement climatique


Height: 4 m
Diameter : 3,5 m :  
Number of pressure cookers: 450 
Pressure of listing:  70b
Total weight : 4 500 kg

Artistic concept and technical plan: Pierre LUU