Call for projects - fountain installation


Built slightly below the level of the adjacent roadways, this project reveals its full dimensions as the observer gets closer to the roundabout. It is comprised of a circular basin with a siphon and different water and light effects.

A thin flow of water convers the sides of the basin and leads to the siphon which shoots successive cascades of water at five different heights. The water flows permanently along the basin creating a constant sense of movement toward the centre of the roundabout.  There are also spheres of rock placed along the slop of the basin and the running water creates an allusion that they are moving toward the centre of the siphon, as if pulled by the gravitational field.

LED RGB lights are used to highlight the peaks of the water jets and the periphery of the installation, as well as to create varied colour patterns and a sense of circular movement around the roundabout to echo the flow of traffic.

projet fontaine hotel de ville Martigues  projet fontaine hotel de ville Martigues Luu  Martigues rotonde projet fontaine hotel de ville

Concept: Pierre Luu
Hydraulic schema: Pierre Luu & Catherine Cane
Winning entry in 2010 call for projects (project suspended)