Canals, water jets and RGB lighting


The front courtyard of the city hall building in Istres extends for 200 metres. It is crossed by a series of canals that are sourced by four resurgent basins. The lines of the canals are mixed with lines of vegetation. The entire courtyard is crossed by a diagonal line of pillars designed by Daniel Buren.

Citée administrative istres buren art et eau  Citée administrative istres buren art et eau fontainerie place publique  Citée administrative istres buren fontaine et jeu eau  Istres citee administrative cannaux fontaine

ISTRES citee administartive nuit colonnes buren fontaine art et eau ISTRES citee administartive fontaine

Client: Ville d’Istres
Courtyard Design: Sarah Tendam & Éric Giroud
Technical plan for fountain: Catherine Cane & Pierre Luu
Fountain construction: Eurofontaine 2013; TP provence
Columns: Daniel Buren