sculpture et eau art

To sculpt with water isn’t merely to add water to a traditional sculpture, it is to consider water as the very principle of the project, as its strength. It is to make water tell a story and pose questions, it is to imbue the sculpture with meaning.

As water has neither defined form nor colour, it is the ideal material for sculpture as it can take on every form and every colour. It follows curves as it flows and it embraces shapes when it is still; it can be calm and peaceful or explosive and spectacular. Depending on how we look at water, we can see through it or it see what it reflects back at us, rendering it both window and mirror.

The multiple characteristics of water render it elusive, an almost living material. What draws us to water? Its transparence, its reflections, its touch, its power to surround us and embody our body? Because it is composed of water, the body seeks out water. All living creatures on the planet are its tributaries. It was in its womb that we began our history, it is the original substance that launched the adventure of life. Its symbolic power might arise from that moment and the fact that it is embedded in the shared memory of the world.

To sculpt with water is to try and find ways to testify to its magic, to its crystal clear power which is in the end the very essence of the blue planet.

Pierre LUU

Water is H2O, Hydrogen two parts, Oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water, and nobody knows what it is. — D.H. Lawrence