Kinetic art is the quest to poetically shape the forces that animate the universe. It is a sort of ode to instability. The diverse components of these structures articulate a movement is alluring in its impermanence. With my creations, the movement is generated by natural elements (wind, water, evaporation, sun … or even the passers-by) and often embody metaphysical or social concerns. Movement is also a way to create structures that can’t be defined by space or time and to provide them with what I hope to be an intangible dimension.

art cinetique vent eau

The wind is an element that molds the landscape. Artistic installations that harness this element create a more intimate connection to the physical location and anchor it to the geography and the environment. This is what I hoped to accomplish with The Winds of the South, which fell under the ‘1% artistic’ regulations*. Wind is also a means of evoking the ephemeral, or the fleeting nature of time, as with the installation Where Are We Going? at the Jardin des Traces.

Water allows me to evoke the fragility of cycles with projects such as the Funambulist Fountain.  It is also a vehicle to address notions of the relativity of time as can be seen with the Chaotic Clepsyda project.

Misting is used for its subtle dimension in a variety of projects such as The Rain Tree or Water Flowers. It is also a medium that can be used to discuss global warming as can be seen with projects such as Waiting for 2050 or The Air Conditioning Era.

When passers-by influence the installations, it gives the sculptures a unique life and emphasizes the intimacy of the art or their connection to the world. Floating Hopscotch  or Invisible Bonds are both projects that illustrate this technique, although it is also used in numerous other installations.


Pierre Luu

* In France, public works are required to devote 1% of the overall budget to projects of an artistic nature.

Wind sculptures :