Fountains, sculptures, kinetic art, wind art

We create and design unique fountains, sculptures, and art installations that are adapted to your choice of styles and the expected uses of the site. Because we begin with a careful site evaluation, our creations are specifically designed for your location in order to provide it with a dynamic new atmosphere. We work on a diverse array of projects that incorporate a wide variety of materials (ceramics, concrete, resin, glass, stone, metal…) that are chosen for both their artistic and technical characteristics.

Pierre Luu is an artist and water engineer who proposes an intimate analysis of physical spaces and their functions in order to create fountains and water sculptures that are in perfect harmony with your needs and the surrounding environment. Luu works both alone and in collaboration with architects, landscape artists, and urban engineers. He provides technical plans, project sketches, and 3D modeling. The atelier has an experimental basin to test new concepts and also collaborates with other ateliers to create more technically diverse installations or to meet specific technical needs.